Friday, August 26, 2011

Back to the Basics: {Canning Tomatoes}

In continuing my journey back to the basicsI asked my mom if she would teach me how to can tomatoes.  I vaguely remember her canning tomatoes when I was young, but never stood beside her and watched her do it.  So, as my mom always does, she quickly accepted the challenge of teaching her easily distracted, non-cooking daughter the tricks of the trade. 

This is what I learned: {The steps to effectively canning tomatoes}

1. Heat the tomatoes in a warm bath for several minutes to make peeling more pleasureable.

2. Transfer HOT tomatoes to a sink filled with ice water to cool.  Once cool, skin should peel off easily allowing you to cut the tomatoes into disireable chunks to place into a pot.

3. Add chopped onions and celery {to taste} in with the newly diced tomatoes.

4. Place tomato mixture on stove to simmer {stew}.

5. As tomatoes are stewing place wide mouth jars {upside down} and wide mouth lids into a pot filled with approximately one inch of steaming water.

6. Once tomatoes are to desired consistency, pour them into heated mason jars.

7. Wipe rim and upper inside of the jar free of any tomato residue to ensure a proper seal.

8. Remove heated lid from steaming pot and place on jar.

9. Twist on canning ring.

10. Cover with a towel and enjoy the satisfaction of hearing each one pop as the jars seal.

11. Stock your pantry with homemade stewed tomatoes and use throughout the winter to cook your favorite chili, good ole' golash, or one of these many recipes.

Thank you mom for teaching me everything you know.  Same time, same place, next August?


  1. hurray! now can you post your step by step peach instructions??

  2. I'll take pictures tomorrow and have it up for your sunday canning session:)

  3. Wow Therese! I may have taught you how to can tomatoes but you are teaching me how to make a great story out of the basics, the simple things in life! You've just taken the work out of canning and made it fun! Love it!

    Kris, you are definitely invited to join us next year! The more the merrier!


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