Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mud, Mud & More Mud

Just one day before the Mud Run, I met a man at Panera.

I was having internet trouble.

He seemed to be working on an intense research project, including lots of documents spread across the table.

As I was troubleshooting my internet issues, he offered to help and go ask an employee.

He kindly, left his work behind and wheeled up in his wheelchair.

He was paralyzed from the waist down.

I don't know his story, or even his name. 

I just know that I thought of him often, the very next day, as I struggled with our 5k mud run.

The start of any race is always emotional for me.  The starting line is where I feel most alive.  The music is pumping, my adrenailine is rushing, and I am surrounded by my dearest friends on an adventure we never predicted.

Today, the start was different.  Today, I realized what a gift it was that I was able to run this race, that the pain I would feel throughout the muddy obstacle course was a gift.  And, I was humbled and thankful for the journey ahead of us.

And a journey it would be! {the most painful race to date}

It started with mud,

continued with mud,


and more mud.

And, in the end, as we neared the finish line,

I saw my boys,

and realized, even more, what a gift this race actually was.
I was able to run {with healthy legs}, with three friends and finish with my family watching.

It's amazing how a kind stranger in a wheelchair can make you even
more thankful for the journey we are on,

and the boys that I ultimately run for.

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