1,000 Gifts

752. An early bedtime after a long day.
752. A little girl in her brother's flip flops.
751. Iced green tea.
750. Scallops and Salmon melting in our mouth.
749. Chopsticks!
748. Sushi, fresh dipped in soy sauce.
747. A date night with our girl.
746. Leaving another excited boy at a friend's overnight.
745. Leaving an excited boy at camp.
744. 70 degree days in July!
743. Back rubs and the strong hands rubbing.
742. A dad to teach me how to build shelves and the conversations during.
741. Old, dilapidated dressers.
740. HGTV. and the desire to create.
739. New friends.
738. Playfulness.
737. Harry Potter and the voices Steve makes while reading it.
736. The announcement, "I saw a Kiss me tree" (Christmas tree)
735. Cousins happily playing.
734. Heavy whipping cream and the cloud it makes in my coffee.
733. Pillows in which to sink my tired head.
732. Sleeping with the windows open.
731. Late night cheeseburgers.
730. Color.
729. Story.
728. A creative community.
727. Having someone take a chance on me.
726. Being pursued.
725. Creative juices, literal and figurative.
724. The return to the pool.
723. A clean sink, shiny and sleek.
722. The ability to stay at home with my kids.
721. Jelly Belly and digging for our favorites.
720. Fajitas and Coronas with friends.
719. Rice in epic cold.
718. Teaching the boys to sew. (ricebags!)
717. My property brothers (Gibson and Elliott)
716. Regular coffee.... yum.
715. Safety on slippery roads.
714. Fluffy white snow.
713. Snow angels and their magic.
712. Walking across the lake with Gibson.
711. Ice hockey and the laughter that follows.
710. Orange Popsicles to bring back the smile.
709. Insurance.
708. Huge, generous hearts helping a hurt little girl.
707. Target bag to cover a broken arm.
706. Bath time in the sink.
705. Rocking a sick baby girl.
704. Bubbly Champagne.
703. New beginnings.
702. Clean, mopped floors.
701. Cheese fondue on crisp, sweet apples.
700. No diapers.
699. A girl who runs to the toilet when she has the flu!
698. Sense of humors, budding with age.
697. Pretzel buns and broiled cheese.
696. Imaginations running wild.
695. Singing campfire songs.
694. Imaginary campfires and the warmth they bring.
693. A squirrel testing the limits.
692. Snuggly Sundays.
691. Soft snoring of a toddler.
690. Lamps aglow.
689. Understanding.
688. Creating new.
687. An innocent heart murmur.
686. Meeting J.D.
685. A toddler who spreads joy to all.
684. Kind doctors.
683. Spicy sausage.
682. Homemade honey butter.
681. Dinner dropped at our door, sent with the truest love.
680. Friends.
679. Mismatched patio furniture.
678. Quiet.
677. Our party of five gathering in mama and daddy's bed and laughing until the sun comes up.
676. Snuggles on cold mornings.
675. Giggles from deep within.
674. Two year old going potty on the toilet.
673. Smash crash potatoes and their amazing crunchiness.
672. Three growing kids eating seconds and thirds at the dinner table.
671. The pursuit of me.
670. Strength.
669. A new view of yoga.
668. A chair that holds my outstretched legs.
667. Finley little hand raised at math and reading night.
666. Indian Summer.
665. The smell of fall.
664. The invitation to wrestle.
663. Three adventurous kiddos.
662. Quiet, with only crickets making a sound.
661. Colorful dishes lining my cabinets.
660. Sore muscles, reminding me I am alive.
659. Headstands!
658. Family.
657. Yoga, and feeling strong.
656. The question, "How is your heart?"
655. Ban Yd Dance.
654. Tickle wars that I can still win.
653. My patio furniture, mismatched in every way.
652. The warm sun on a fall day.
651. Goat Cheese Biscuits, warm and tart.
650. Orange Tomatoes and the flavor that is all their own.
649. An unplanned nap.
648. Tin foil Fights.
647. Listening to Elliott read, fluent and full of expression.
646. Wheel watching with my biggest.
645. Sleeping Queens with just my biggest.
644. Tant oo mama.
643. Hearing laughter from deep within Finley's belly.
642. Smiles in the morning.
641. "I wuv oo"
640. Evening walks as a family, just like the good ole' days
639. Laughter that transcends
638. Risotto, creamy and rich
637. Cooking club
636. Pools, and invitations to jump in
635. An adoption party celebrating coming home.
634. An invitation for a hot n' ready
633. Yellow, yellow flowers
632. A toddler proofed house
631. Diapers, all 192 of them
630. Ferns hanging high
629. A crisp clean house
628. Signs, bright and made with love
627. A welcome so warm
626. Safe travels home
625. Healthy kids
624. Books filled with truth
623. Saturday night church
622. Many dishes being generously brought through our door.
621. Cashews, smooth and salty
620. Purple peppers.
619. The fresh air of a Farmer's Market
618. Peaches, in season with dripping juice
616. American customs
615. Yummy Tea
614. Nibbling fish on my feet.
613. Vanilla lattes
612. To hear only 3 more weeks.
611. Lunch with Finley.... twice!
610. Coke!
609. A good book
608. A Korean sunrise
607. My mom picking us up, and the tears that followed
606. Steve's mom taking us to the airport at 4 am
605. Day lilies, sent from Steve's sister
604. A washing machine
603. Via coffee
602. Snacks to sustain us... again gifted...
601. Traveling supplies.... all gifted
600. Handwritten notes
599. A down comforter, holding our saddness
598. Aunts and Uncles that loved on our boys
597. Two parents that loved on our boys
596. A long awaited glass of wine.
595. Balconies
594. Hearing English.
593. Receiving an album of Finley's one year pictures.
592. Seeing video of Finley's second birthday celebration.
591. Meeting Finley's foster dad.
590. Hugging Finley's foster mom
589. Saying thank you to Finley's foster mom
588. A familiar sight
587. Holding hands.
586. Cute Korean couples, well into their years.
585. Korean meat loaf
584. Messages from afar.
583. Translators
582. Daddy's hands to fix them.
581. Broken anklets.
580. Holding hands.
579. Chubby cheeks.
578. Community.
577. Philipe and how he saved the day.
576. Free breakfast.
575. Face time.
574. My traveling companion.
573. A foster mom's tears.
572. A healthy, HAPPY girl.
571. Notes taped to the glove box.
570. The smile of a stranger.
569. A quite N. Korea.
568. Motivation to get up.
567. The cloud that has passed.
566. Dawn and vinegar!! A miracle!
565. Clean walls!
564. Baseball brothers happy to be on the same team.
563. Mousse in the morning and the wild hair styles it brings.
562. Worms on sidewalks and the boy that rescues them.
561. Goodbye kisses.
560. Dancing in the kitchen.
559. Avocado, smooshy and sweet.
558. New cleats worn all around the house.
557. Morning family car races and the cheering, jumping and shouting that ensues.
556. Safety from the flooding.
555. One liners.
554. Laughter with great friends.
553. Sideways grin from Gibson as he denies my kiss in school.
552. Conversation, tough, real and open.
551. Eye contact with my boys.
550. Ball blast.
549. A long nap.
548. A heavy rain.
547. Friends comfortable enough to reach out and ask for help.
546. Rain boots.
545. Authentic conversation over Chinese food.
544. A message from a friend, checking to see how my heart is.
543. Laughter.
542. Dark roasted coffee.
541. Birthday wishes from all that love our boy.
540. Crispy, greasy sausage.
539. Daddy coming home from work for present opening.
538. Sunlight flooding in the windows.
537. Two boys, dressed in pj's raking the back woods.
536. A six year old birthday boy that is FILLED with Joy!
535. Peeked interest.
534. New orders.
533. Hugs.
532. Friendly competition.
531. Proud artists bringing their artwork home.
530. March sunshine warming my face.
529. Ice cubes melting away.
528. Baseball in the basement.
527. Shouts of "Il-i-nois" as they beat my pick.
526. Basketball brackets.
525. The word Play, and all that it encompasses.
524. Brene' Brown.
523. An after work hug.
522. Pickles, salty and tart.
521. Tennis in the driveway.
520. Authenticity around a table.
519. Tuna subs with thin sliced onions.
518. The Orange Pebble Studio and the Story it tells.
517. Progressive play date.
516. The magic sleeping trick.
515. Books, books and more books.
514. The moon and all of it's phases.
513. 97 cent brackets to cover my mistake.
512. A husband who is changing the world with his heart.
511. Letters written back and forth.
510. Cream cheese smeared all over due to real genuine hugs.
509. Real genuine hugs.
508. Laughter in the midst of pain.
507. Old voices, heard one more time.
506. Community.
505. Forgiveness.
504. Time.
503. An abundance of clothes for my children {so many of them given to us!}
502. A working dryer.
501. A working washing machine.
500. Happy hour sushi.
498. Deep conversation, unrelated to kids.
497. 10 years.
496. Boys, wild at heart.
495. Boys climbing fallen trees.
494. sledding onto the frozen lake.
493. The crunch of the snow.
492. The sound of a falling tree.
491. The flag raised, signaling a catch.
490. The guessing game.
489. Huge smiles.
488. Ice fishing.
487. Lavender bubble bath.
486. Melting snow.
485. Kindness from strangers.
484. Tucking my kiddos in.
483. 1 am conversations.
482. Sunny mornings.
481. Removing shame from the shadow.
480. Songs that speak to my heart.
471. Feeling excitement instead of pain.
470. New pictures of our beautiful daughter.
469. Not having to know how the dots connect.
468. New understanding.
467. Questioning.
466. Unpacking tough thoughts on a good run.
465. Connecting with my boys.
464. vulnerability.
465. A journey that continues.
464. 10 years.  The good, the bad and the ugly.
463. Encouragement.
462. Just the right song.
461. Hugs.
460. Communion
459. Hot baths.
458. Reading books.
457. Chia Seed Pudding.
456. Soup with fresh cheese.
455. Shared stories.
454. Many cooks in the kitchen.
453. A house overflowing.
452. Errand running with a soulsister.
451. Amazing pillows.
450. Beyond cozy sheets.
449. The color blue.
448. Welcome baskets.
447. The Jen condo and the invitation to stay.
446. laughter....have I mentioned that one?
445. Babysitters that play hide and seek.
444. Courage.
443. Silliness.
442. A two blanket night.
441. Sticky notes plastered all over the van.
440. Dental Insurance.
439. A bucket full o' medicine.
438. Hilarious people.
437. Lemon-y, ice cold water.
436. Sausage McMuffins before sunrise.
435. A five year old that skips to every destination in the house.
434. Rouge paper airplane flying into a room with no trace of the pilot.
433. A heating vent that you never knew existed.
432. Supreme pizza.
431. Laughter with friends.
430. The pride on Gibson's face after he landed a jump for the first time.
429. Elliott skating on his own.
428. Skating around and around the roller rink with an 8 yr. old who is secretly glad you are there.
427. Showing the boys the correct way to eat toast and jelly.
426. A shoveled driveway.
425. A ole' fashioned game of PIE and the laughter and wheezing that ensues.
424. Big brother helping little brother snowboard.
423. Snow angels.
422. Big, white snowflakes floating to the ground.
421. Falling asleep on the couch, cozy and warm.
420. Reading a page turner.
419. Snow Days.
418. Bedtime stories on the couch under the dim lamp light.
417. Laughter of brothers.
416. Graceful Losers!  *take it when we can
415. Counting boys in the kitchen.
414. Two boys playing a game all on their own. Sleeping Queens.
413. Late night talks with my lifelong partner in crime.
412. Chips and cheese dipped in spicy salsa.
411. Regaining even the slightest sense of taste.
410. "I Hope for the Best" with each card played. Gibson.
409. Resting when we weren't playing games.
408. Game day FILLED with games.
407. Rolling over, pulling up the covering and closing our eyes for just a bit longer.
406. Progressing from achy sleeping to cozy sleeping.
405. Sickness causing us to slow down.
404. Elliott bounding up the stairs saying, "I'm a 1!"
403. A night slept through by two boys!
402. Gibson asking for prayer requests.
401. 100 piece puzzles and boys who are better at them than their mama.
400. Finding comfort when I am feeling weak.
399. Dreams.
398. Reflection.
397. Laughter.
396. A husband flipping over chairs, investigating.
395. A table for two.
394. Chicken salad. Dill Havarti. Toasted bread.
393. Finding the perfect cards for the perfect people.
392. Walking arm in arm down brick paved streets.
391. The unexpected date with my handsome husband that followed.
390. A Bumpa and Yia Yia taking two boys to the movies.
389. A long nap on a sick day
388. Spoons.
387. A happy girl.
386. Carrying sleeping boys to bed.
385. Cookies on my head.
384. Boys still crawling on my lap.
383. Fresh fallen snow and the screams of delights.
382. Albeuterol!
381. Heating back for my aching back.
380. Messages of concern.
379. Fall down laughter with friends.
378. Hope of his coming again.
377. JOY.
376. Twinkle of lights on a dark night.
375. A husband that sucks it up.
374. A new chapter373. Bouncing until laughter brings you down.
372. Eight years with a wonderful boy.
371. Long savoring opening of gifts.
370. A Christmas gift from a friend that leaves you speechless.
369. Growing understanding and love.
368. Cuddles from a sick boy.
367. Tears.
366. An adoption story that moved me to tears.
365. A finished task.
364. Folded laundry.
363. Boys who love to eat.
362. Reconnecting with friends afar.
360. Yoga pants.
359. Counting wheels.
358. Carrying in sleeping boys. {Gibson saying in his half asleep voice, "Good luck getting me in bed."}
357. Game night.
356. Amazon.com (for real!)
355. Kind strangers.
354. Sore muscles.
353. Gibson asking me to slow dance.
352. Falling asleep on the couch.
351. Dim lights.
350. A concert complete with whisks as microphones.
349. Sunshine after many grey days.
348. Small town meat market.
347. Clementine oranges.
346. Gibson snuggling in bed to play words with friends with me.
345. Big bulky blankets.
344. Puzzles after dinner.
343. A half birthday celebration, no where near Elliott's half birthday.
342. Constant cartwheels around the house.
341. Eyes that melt when they hear our story.
340. New opportunities in unexpected places.
339. A rare lunch date.
338. Homemade ginger ale.
337. A husband who was blessed with another year.
336. A 5 year old that runs to the speakers when he hears, Mighty to Save, the radio
        to turn them up while saying, "Gibson, we're on the radio!"
335. Black glasses for tired eyes.
334. One unique turkey feather crafted by a five year old.
333. A boy that wants to keep on giving.
322. Friends that think something would be perfect for you.
321. New orders.
320. The message.
319. Fox shirts.
318. Nutbrown Newcastle.
317. Red, red, wine.
316. "Mom, I see you went shopping today, Thanks."
315. Pumpkin muffins only lasted 8 hours.
314. Tea titled, CALM.
313. Lentils and red beans.
312. Crunchy potatoes.
311. Requests to still snuggle.
310. The beginning of a new book in a new series.
309. Friend's who help themselves into our cupboards.
308. Floors mopped by Steve.
307. A new beginning, each morning.
306. The right to vote.
305. #1 cheerleader, soulsister and consultant.
304. Affirmation that you do beautiful work.
303. Sore muscles from an amazing workout.
302. Clean, crisp sheets.
301. Finding the perfect gift.
300. Heated seats.
299. Peanut butter on a spoon.
298. A husband that provides.
297. A friend going out of the way to help.
296. Waves from the bus.
295. Warm fuzzy boots.
294. Good "grades" and great character.
293. Amazing teachers who love my boys.
292. Checking something off the list.
291. Phone calls.
290. Tears.
289. Working out life in the forest.
288. Crunching of leaves on a nature walk.
287. Jimmy Johns with avacado squeezing out the sides.
286. A fresh box of crayons.
285. The hum of the heater.
284. Cigar boxes.
283. A dancing flowers.
282. Birthday presents in November.
281. Boys ready to go early.
280. Clothes set out the night before.
279. Creamer in my coffee.
278. New pictures of Finley.
277. A clean basement.276. Vanilla milkshakes.
275. Cheeseburgers in a paper wrapper.
274. Elliott sounding out words all around.
273. Forward movement.
272. Week 100.
271. Bouncing on a ball.
270. Laughter with a dear friend.
269. An old friend standing up and asking for ties.
268. Small group authenticity.
267. Friends asking questions.
266. Songs sung in a sheep's voice {gibbergoos}
265. Christmas songs in October.
264. Little imaginations.
263. Forgiveness.
262. Warmth of a fireplace.
261. Dreary days.
260. Singing in the kitchen.
259. Homemade pasta sauce.
258. Soft monster cookies.
257. Rest.
256. Daddy taking the kids to the bus stop.
275. Dinner time that goes on and on.
274. Elliott asking if he should sell or keep his art.
273. Gibson's priceless laughter at his success.
272. First authentic time Gibson scared the beans out of me.
271. The question, 'How did God make you special?'
270. Hide-n-seek.
269. Cleansing tears.
268. New orders.
267. A lunch eaten in honor of Finley girl.
266. Thoughts from Florida.
265. Finley's rocking chair.
264. House shaking thunder.
263. Gurgling of a sub pump working overtime.
262. un.tied being worn on a special day.
261. Hot lunch!
260. Elliott not taking my hand on the way to the bus = it was okay for him not to please me.
259. Show n' Tell and the excitement of finding something original.
258. A good old fashioned snuggle from Elliott.
257. A knock on my door and breakfast in bed from Gibson,
        initiated all by himself.
256. The shout of, 'daddy!' when the side door opens.
255. A quick escape.
254. Crunchy toasted pumpkin seeds.
253. Calm.
252. A brother that says, 'that's okay'
251. Boys quietly playing.
250. A fixed sewing machine.
249. Grey polka-dots.
248. Back rubs.
247. A dad who is always looking to help out.
246. Couch flipping.
245. Grace.
244. Crossing off the list.
243. A great message.
242. Chatting at church.
241. The news of a  new life.
240. Breakfast in bed.
239. Leaves that look like wind chimes.
238. 'Mom, this is by where we used to live'.
237. Gibson reading to us when the street lights allow.
236.. Boys that say thank you.
235. Spending a gift card.
234. My favorite book store.
233. A bluejay just passing by.
232. Leaves still on the trees.
231. A quiet porch.
230. An email asking to to share.
229. A friend inviting you to share your story.
228. A friend asking for advice.
227. Coffee and laughter and high fives across the table with two authentic women.
226. Chips and cheese in bed.
225. Friday Night Lights.
224. Night time talking with the boys.
223. Night time cuddles.
221. More Finley love in the form of Adorable clothes.
220. Sweet Italian Cream.
219. Coffee and english muffins after a long walk and talk with a dear friend.
218. All four of us squeezing into Elliott's bed for a bedtime story
217. Lego escape packs (Elliott)
216. Lego motorcycles (Gibson)
215. Legos and not following the directions
214. Questions like, 'Dad can we paint our room blue? It helps with creativity'
213. Big imaginations of planting a pumpkin seed and growing a
        whole field of pumkins
212. Bike rides and seeing my shadow in a field of green.
211. Giggles during pumpkin carving.
210. "Good Cookin' Mama".
209. Daddy talking to the boys as he cuts their hair.
208. The most mishapen pumpkins.
207. The walk back.
206. Hay ride.
205. Bumpa and Yia Yia treating us.
204. Corn mazes.
203. A perfect blue sky on a perfect fall day.
202. Picking just the right pumpkin.
201. Apple cider slushy!?
201. Gibson finishing a book in a day.
200.  Weird but true facts... all 150 of them.
199. Gibson's excitement over a new book and his inability to choose.
198. Elliott making new friends at the book store
197.  The oohs and ahs of watching the big game
196. "What's the score?"
195. A boy who offeres to share his pizza while I wait for my food
194. A free meal
193. Sentimnetal after game moments
192. Boys who jump up with victory
191. Tiger's games.
190. The sound of College Game Day
189. Her delightful chatter.
188. A friend who always wants to play with Gibson at the soccer game.
187. Coach Rob
186. Soccer games.
185. Sausage balls.
184. Laughter and rosy cheeks.
183. Dirty feet
182. Six women who said yes to gratitude.
181. Cuddling on the couch with a blanket, laughing and reading with my boys.
180. Generous friends who pass down pants & duvet covers and the ability to receive.
179. A surprise coffee delivery at 6am, from my love.
178. Hot gluing a balloon with cottonballs @7:50 am.
177. Another boy re-lacing his and his brother's shoes.
176. A boy excited to spell.
175. Laughter around the dinner table.
174. A big, bold ring... courage.
173. A dear friend to walk, talk and laugh with.
172. Another boy who walks around the house singing praise songs, with his very own made up words.
171. A boy who bowed his head in thanksgiving, without prompting.
170. Several hundred popcorn kernels scattering across the floor & the laughter that followed.
169. Gibson saying, Wow Mama, it worked.  We changed the way the morning went.
168. A fresh jar of peanut butter and the pleasure of the first scoop.
167. Two smiles peeking around the bus, happy to see me.
166. The sound of the bus turning the corner.
165. The steam tumbling out of a hot shower.
164. God's glory.
163. A husband who prays for us.
162. New friends and old to sit in the middle of the hallway with.
161. Our Home Team.
160. Giving.
159. Receiving.
158. Breathing in and breathing out.
157. Those who are going before me and telling me their story.
156. Burning bushes, blazing bright.
155. Wool socks on a hardwood floor.
154. Letter sounds rolling of Elliott's tongue.
153. Purple glue peeking out the edges and Elliott reassuring me that it will dry.
152. Waiting for two boys to come home.
151. Reading a book on my front stoop.
150. The comforting light that illuminates the hall.
149. Warm rays of light shining through the window.
148. All those who had courage to write on the wall.
147. Seeing a one homeless man buy another a hamburger.
146. The man who wrote he was adopted.
145. Our worn couch that has cuddled us all, given us rest, caught our tears and still stands.1
144. The quiet that i long feared, but now find comfort in.
143. My favorite, grey worn in cardigan.
142. 24 oz of water with a straw attached.
141. Messages sent with my heart in mind.
140. Hot tea soothing my cold ridden body.
139. For the view I have been gifted.
138. A soulsister who shares her corned beef.
137. The beginning of a new family.
135. The father of my sons, ever present.
134. Tired eyes.
133. Setting sun shining upon fall leaves.
132. A warm, fall day.
131. Warm bath, smelling of ginger.
130. Excited boys to see that the special mail from Bumpa arrived {football plays}
129. A seven year old boy, encouraging his brother and saying, "ok"
128. A five year old, leading the way on the bike path.
127. Sitting in the sun, streaming through the window.
126. A story of generosity that brought tears to my eyes.
125. Knowledge and wisdom shared.
124. A sweet Korean girl who grabbed my finger, smiled at me and kissed my cheek.
123. A long bike ride to hash out life's reality.
122. A five year old, confident he can find the way down to the river.
121. A seven year old's hand in mine, not knowing if it will be the last time.
120. Two boys lighting the final lantern for their sister.
119. Tens of thousands of lanterns in a clear night sky.
118. Pushing a stroller on a sunny day.
117. Laughter in a public bathroom.
116. Fickle, and it's frequency.
115. whip. the actual whip and the new word.
114. The stranger that knows how to work a slr.
113. The first surprising bite of a Korean taco, sweet, cilantro & spice.
112. The creativity of others.
111. Never ending topics of conversation.
110. The joy of being the passenger.
109. Root chips dipped in condiments.
108. Loads of laughter around a large round table.
107. Red onions, sliced paper thin.
106. Playful friends to paint with.
105. Joyful art instructor affirming my masterpiece.
104. Games of hopscotch on slate tile.
103. Smart minds adding numbers.
102. The sound of a pepper grinder.
101. Peeling a ripe avacado.
100. Thick brown eggs cracking for morning.
99. A quiet morning.
98. Laughter of boys playing together on a quiet morning.
97. The plodding of boys' feet throughout the house.
96. Teachers that celebrate my boys.
95. Bus driver, smiling each morning.
94. Pancakes, bubbling.
93. Fresh, white t-shirt, folded still warm.
92. Fresh start.
91. Camaraderie found in motherhood and all that comes with it.
90. Sharing stories.
89. Child's pose.
88. Silly jokes and the silent laughter to follow.
87. Giggling and those who celebrate it.
86. A Korean girl meeting her Mama.
85.Rich, nutty coffee.
84. Happy morning boys.
83. Sleeping in boys.
82. Enjoying the fast and the slow.
81. Excitement of a new possiblity.
80. Boys and their stories.
79. Late night laughter with great friends.
78. Tough questions and friends to talk them through.
77. Capturing memories.
76. The right song at the right time.
75. A phone call from a friend afar.
74. A sweet neighbor boy who comes a knockin' to play with Elliott
73. After school hugs.
72. Polka dots and the joy they bring.
71. Warm soup in a bowl the color of butter cream.
70. Excitement.
69. Motivation to move forward.
68. The swaying trees, rustling with autumns wind.
67. Dinnertime conversation.
66. A newly cleaned fridge.
65. Friend to take communion with.
64. A brand new day.
63. Boys who think they are sneaking up on me to scare me.
62. Conversations with neighbors across the way.
61. The sound of football on a rainy fall day.
60. Chore punch cards, and the motivation they bring.
59. Old friends and new to sit in the middle of the church hallway with.
58. Elliott making the observation that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are like magnets they are all one, yet can be separated.
57. Big brother cheering little brother on, without prompting.
56. Boy smiling all over the soccer field.
55. Boy dancing in front of a stainless steel pot singing, my head is too small for my body...
54. Toothless smile.
53. Finishing a book and wishing you could read it all over again.
52. Boys with noses buried in books.
51. The call of "Mama"
50. When our eyes meet, and I can see the excitement of their story.
49. Mama hugs.
48. Honey and ginger mixed in a drop.
47. My boys at home fighting instead of in the hospital.
46. Protection in a near crash.
45. Warm tea soothing my scratchy throat.
44. A bold red bowl holding bright yellow bananas.
43. Two boys that can run and play.
42. A kind smile from the drive thru lady.
41. A cold, reminding me to slow down.
40. Eating a burst of flavor from a paper bowl.
39. Food trucks filled with amazing eats.
38. The sun breaking through the clouds on a chilly morning.
37. The sun shining though red, floating balloons.
36. Letting go of a red balloon.
35. Advice from an adopted man.
34. The tears of a victim.
33. The sweet ping of a canned mason jar.
32. The quick slice of a sharp knife.
31. One, white, miraculous gravy boat.
30. The sweet, warm smell of apples cooking.
29. The creamy of coconut milk mixed with the sweet of stawberries.
28. Never ending pencil marks in a sea of words.
27. The shrill of my aqua blue tea pot.
26. Two boys that "jinx" each other and die in laughter.
25. The smell of lavender calming my nerves.
24. The crackling of warm bubbles.
23. Running shorts and their built in underwear.
22. The modern day brilliance of the crockpot.
21. The smell of warm, apple cider filling my home.
20. A cool fall morning to cozy up on the porch and read.
19. The hum of the spin cycle.
18. A generous friend who loaned me her old iPod with a killer playlist.
17. Nice, toasty heat on my bunsies on a cold swimming morning.
16. The weekly cleansing of my trash.
15. Freshly sharpened pencils.
14. Little girls coats hanging in the front closet.
13. Lush green grass.
12. The warm sun shinning over the rooftop.
11. Little boys who still need help with soccer socks.
10. The words that lie within these pages.
9. Red, ripe tomatoes still wet with dew.
8. Boys who are so thankful for Bubble Yum, they save it for later.
7. An initial that is so perfectly symmetrical.
6. An excited 5 year old boy who refuses to take his jersey off.
5. The privilege of naming three amazing blessings.
4. A pair of red shoes and a girl waiting to fill them.
3. Monster trucks still in battle, long after the boys have gone to bed.

2. A handmade bed and mirror crafted of wood from my childhood home and our first home.
1. The steady hum of an old box fan.

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