Year 34

1. Have afternoon tea with Finley.
2. Read to my big ones as much as they let me. A Week in the Woods, Hatchet, What was the Alamo?, What was the Battle at Gettysburg?
3. Get a daring haircut. Can you say pixie.
4. Re-pierce my ears!
5. Do a handstand. I did it! April '14
6. Take naps.
7. Dance whenever I can. Thank you Ferrell for Happy
8. Ice skate.
9. Focus on us. word of the year, Steve
10. Read one book a month. (For real this year)
11. Have a family fondue party.
12. Apologize more. So much humble apologizing happening
13. Expand un.tied. New product! Burp cloths
14. Refinish a piece of furniture.
15. Hike in the U.P. Family trip, July 2014
16. Moisturize more. Thank you Frankincense 
17. Stop cracking my knuckles.
18. Stop tearing my nails.
19. Date each of my kids.
20. Snuggle at bedtime.
21. Learn to make a good cup of coffee. Hint: Blend coffee with tbs melted butter and coconut oil
22. Send notes.
23. Write with pretty pens. {and not lose them}
24. Connect with Korean adoptive families.
25. Begin to learn Korean.
26. Make Bulgogi.
27. Go stargazing.
28. Fly a kite.
29. Play more games. Rat-a-tat-cat, yahtzee, 
30. Do more puzzles. 1,000 pieces!
31. Fall in love with Steve all over again.
32. Kiss passionately.
33. Build the ultimate fort.
34. Make snow angels. #1 1-1-14

1. Spend the night at Baldwin Oaks Campground.
2. Make Keifer soda
3. ROAK day
4. Compete in a bike race
5. Finish Finley's room
6. Learn how to make sushi  Sept. 14, Thank you, Rob!
7. Hike in our very own U.P.
8. Pay a stranger's bill at a restaurant
9. Live as a dangerous woman
10. Re upholster something
11. Ride on a beer cycle
12. Give unexpected presents
13. Snowshoe
14. Make a blanket for Finley
15. Take un.tied on the road, Beaverdam Barn Sale
16. Submit a piece of writing Lowell Ledger
17. Make an upside down snowman February 4 with Elliott
18. Buy flowers for myself
19. See a sunrise, Seoul Korea
20. Go ice skating
21. Take fashion risks
22. Wear more dresses, Seoul Korea
23. Do Yoga at Sunrise
24. Go to a drive-in movie
25. Frame and display family pictures
26. Make a photo scrapbook for each year
27. Make curtains... oy. did I just say that aloud?, boy's striped curtains
28. Roast marshmallows in our back yard, September 8
29. Have a family picnic in the park, Spring
30. Collect pretty bowls
32. Celebrate everyday moments, three cheers for poopy on the potty, lost teeth, and laughter
33. Co-Host a book club

Today marks the very first day of Year 32, the year of discovering my true self.

Thirty-two things to accomplish in Year 32

1. Complete a successful flip-turn I may not do them regularly, but the lifeguard did affirm at least one

2. Be a Dangerous woman, this I have realized is going to be on forever bucket list as it is a journey, not a destination.  I am proud of the woman I am becoming and look forward to becoming even more dangerous.

3. Compete in a Sprint Tri-athalon

4. Learn to do a front-flip, June 9, 2012

5. Submit an essay or article in a contest

6. Meet our baby's foster mother and say thank you in Korean, May 29, 2013, Kamsamida

7. Go for a midnight swim Spy Glass Condos with Kt and K3

8. Inspire one person to live their life on purpose  My Aunt Carol has an amazing list.

9. Get Christmas shopping done and wrapped by December 1

10. Read entire Magic Tree House Series with my boys, Currently on #42

11. Sew something. Maybe Curtains? Necktie Necklace

12. Make sushi

13. Read through the Bible, cover to cover

14. Complete a closet overhaul, June 6, 2012

15. Attend a retreatSeptember 23-25

16. Pay it forward at a drive through  September 12

17. Be intentional about loving my husband, another ongoing pursuit

18. Make one Clean meal a month, #1, #2, #3 Candida diet for 30 days

19. Host a Bunko night

20. Take a nap in a hammock, September 13

21. Attend Mars Hill Running GroupJanuary 25

22. Go on a salmon run, kayaked among the running salmon

23. Take a spinning, suspension and zumba class

24. Make a Korean dish, Bee-Bim-Bop

25. Buy brown bootsfall 2011

26. Eat Moomers ice creamOctober 1

27. Read one book a month

28. Improve my 5k and 10k times

29. Run a race in a different cityHot Chocolate Run

30. Join an adoption group attended a meeting and realized that for this part of our journey, it is best for us to focus on us.  selfish? self aware? probably both.

31. Buy a bike, steve bought me a bike and i am in love

32. Meet our baby, although we have not met Finley in person, she had us from Hello. May 29th, 2013

Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all.

                                               Helen Keller

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  1. You are making serious progress! We will knock #7 off in August...and #31 is practically taken care of ;)


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