Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Elliott: A reminder of who you have always been

*as inspired by this post

My Elliott Drew,

You are a passionate boy!  You know what you love, and you love it well.  You live life to it's fullest and take charge.  Your passion drives you to do things that I am amazed by.  You dive off of the diving board without help.  You nail the baseball into the neighbor's yard without flinching.  If you love something, you will figure out how to conqure it.

Beyond your passion for life, you are a selfless lover of others. You say peoples names when no one else does.  It is not just Goodbye for you. It is Goodbye Sarah, Goodbye Parker.  You remember that everyone is unique and you value that.   You are genuinely happy when others succeed, cheering them on along the way. 

You are a thinker.  You know the difference between a good choice and a bad choice and will go against the grain to do what is right.  You are bold and courageous and will stand up for what you believe in, even if you are the only one.  We were recently at church and a boy that had been "bullying"  you, your brother and your friend, and who was bigger than you, came up to you and stood right in your face.  With a look of fierce determination in your face, you just shoved him.  And although, I was not thrilled you chose to push the kid, I am proud that you stood up for what was right.

Creativity and wit flow through you naturally.  You are a creator and your creations bring smiles to people on a daily basis. Your wit has us cracking up at the dinner table, giggling at bedtime, and snickering in the car. You make people laugh, and spread joy with your sheer silliness.

....and your hugs, your genuine embrace is so wonderful and pure that people specifically ask for an elliott hug. Your hugs remind people that all is well in the world and that a warm embrace can make a person's day.  While others are afraid to show love, you don't give it a second thought.

Elliott Drew, I love you and pray that you may always remember who you have always been.

I love you to the moon,


  1. well said. priceless reflections. should come in handy to revisit these during the teenage years ;)

  2. Unrelated to your post, my brother's name is Elliot Andrew! So close :) I love that you're going to be home this year... Hopefully we'll see each other more than twice/year!


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