Thursday, June 27, 2013

Gotcha Day and Beyond.

Finley is here!

I am sitting next to her as she sleeps soundly in our bed.

Her lips are pursed, perfectly closed.  One hand is on her Daddy's arm, and her little feet are crossed.

I am pinching myself that she is truly ours.

I keep looking at her in awe, trying to capture every last bit of her.  

I look at her little nose, her gorgeous black hair, tiny little fingernails and just thank God for her.

She has struggled the last two days, crying big crocodile tears and silently weeping.

Each time she lets us comfort her, but as she goes to the door, searching for her Oma, her little heart is just breaking.

Each time she woke up with us she wept again, realizing that she wasn't dreaming, that her life is now different.

Yesterday, we celebrated her first wake up that included a great big smile.

Each day she smiles more, gives us longer kisses, and holds us in a new way.

The wait was long.

The pain often seemed unbearable.

But, as I write this, on this beautiful morning in Seoul, I wonder...

Why us??

How did we get so lucky?

Why, out of all of the people in this world, were we chosen to for this journey?

The answers to this, we will never know on this side of heaven, but for now, I will sit in AWE of God's great plan for our Party of Five.

For I would not trade an ounce of brutal for the beautiful that was laced throughout and that is now before me.


Gibson and Elliott,

You have been so brave throughout this entire journey.  The smile on your faces as you met your baby sister last night made my mama's heart so proud.  You both are such amazing big brothers, and Finley loves you already.  The picture she carries around of her brudders, is crinkled and worn...showing just how much you mean to her.

Here are some pictures of your baby sister.  She reminds us of both of you, in so many different ways!

We love you to Seoul and back!

Mama, Daddy and Finley


We were blessed to meet Finley's sponsor.  A Korean adoptee from Indiana.

Finley's foster mom giving us many, many treasures of Finley's two years with her.

This little boy is Finley's best friend.

Finley's two moms.

Finley's last check up.  She is one healthy girl.

Saying bye-bye to all of her friends.

Gibson and Elliott, hold onto your hats, because you have one little girl headed your way.

A painful goodbye.........

that got even more painful.....

A long sleep after a rough day.

Finally some precious Finley smiles. 

Someone loves her Opa!

And.... we're headed out.  We all needed some fresh air!

She just melts my heart.

over and over again.

Two tired girls.

And, after a good nap, we are starting to see our happy Finley Grace.

Gibson and Elliott.... she stole my coke!!!

Somebody thought she was ready for the pool... until she got there...

A glimpse of pure joy!


  1. My heart is melted, she is truly made for your family.

  2. could she be any cuter.
    perfect fit. glad you finally have her.

  3. could she be any cuter.
    perfect fit. glad you finally have her.

  4. Beautiful. Simply beautiful. So happy for all of you!

  5. Beautiful words and pictures. She's completely adorable. Love seeing her with you!

  6. Brutiful! I was holding it together until the "two mom" picture, and then I lost it. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

  7. What an inspirational story! I'm definitely sharing this with some of my Refugee foster parents :) Love you guys!

  8. Reading this with tears in my eyes! I've been following your journey on Katie's blog and I just wanted to say how HAPPY I am for you guys. What a blessing she is!


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