Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Back to the Basics

As I use this next year to take a step back, listen to God, and soak in all that is good and pure, I am looking for ways to simplify. 

Time and time again, I wish I lived in the good ole' days.  The days when you had to get up to change the channel, when everyone worked a forty hour week, leaving everything at the office, and when lemonade and a waterhole was all you needed for a good time. 

I  long to live wide awake, to notice fireflies, the croaking of bullfrogs, and the laughter of my boys at play.  I want my children to know a quality of life that seems to be slipping away in this fast paced world.

I long to go Back to the Basics. 

Lately, we have been doing just that.  We now take the time to go on hikes. We explore our neighborhood, peeking in every twist and turn.  We take off our shoes and play until the sun goes down and our feet are painted brown.

There is not much I am certain of lately, but in these moments, I am certain there it nothing more that I would rather do than to get back to the basics. 


  1. LOVE this.

    Two things:
    1) my SIL just got rid of their microwave (and I thought of you).
    2) my kids have been in their bathing suits and the hose has been on almost constantly since 9am this morning. I love that they are experiencing summer like I used to.

  2. I love the feet picture! so cute


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