Friday, May 9, 2014

The Tale of Health Insurance, a Wart, and High Fives

Back in the day when cell phones were as big as your purse and a gallon of gas was $2.19, Steve and I had really great health insurance.  So good in fact that Gibson's pre-natal care and delivery were covered at 100%.....{don't be a hater}..... It's true.  We had it great for awhile.  I would never hesitate to go to the doctor.  I never flinched when I received a bill in the mail.  And prescriptions? Sign. Me. Up!  Those only cost $2.

Now several years later our insurance is not the same at all.  I have found myself cringing when another bill comes in the mail, and eternally grateful when an ER doctor friend waves his fees when a certain little girl breaks her elbow.

I love modern medicine, and I am so thankful for it, but a recent wart burrowing its way down one little guy's toe has opened my mind to possibly exploring some things outside of the box.

After one attempt to freeze off said wart with a healthy dose of liquid nitrogen a friend suggested I put oregano oil on it.  With nothing to lose my little man and I began a daily ritual of dousing his wart with equal parts oregano and olive oil.  Before long the wart was literally burrowing its way out of the toe it called home and turning black.

The science fairesque project that was taking place in our kitchen each morning left us high five-ing each other and canceling the dermatologist appointment... saving my doctor-phobic son more liquid nitrogen, and saving his parents a hefty chunk of change.

Now I am surrounded by oils and finding myself enjoying less modern medicine.  Who knew?!

**If you are interested in ordering oregano oil please leave a comment, and I will hook you up with a great deal!


  1. More details on the cure please!! We have a wart issue too. And I actually went to the doctor, only to be sent home and try using duct tape first. That was not money spent well!

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