Thursday, July 7, 2011

Back to the Basics: Update 1

According to the calendar, nearly a month has passed since we started our journey Back to the Basics. As we began, I longed to slow down and take a step back from the hustle and bustle of life, but could not have predicted all that it would envelop.

Now, a month later, here is an update of how we are embracing all that is basic.

1. Cable Cutback. Now, we did not cut it entirely because I don't think I ready to be that basic yet and have to admit I love my network stations.  We did however, scale back to basic cable getting rid of our On Demand feature and several channels that were serving as a time trap. As we told the boys that we could no longer watch any cartoon at anytime we realized just how dependent they had become.  Elliott shed tears over losing his all access pass to Jake and the Neverland Pirates for quite sometime, reassuring us all the more of this decision.

2. Hashing our Home Phone. This was a big one for me, as I am a bit old fashioned and did not know if I was ready for this big of a commitment.  However, in all reality my Mom and telemarketers were the only people to call on this line and with the 1:100 respective call ratio, my mom can call our cell phones.

3. Eating Natural Foods. Costco has become our new best friend.  Each Sunday after church we restock our supply of fresh fruits and veggies. We and have successfully finished our first bag of quinoa and are well on our way to polishing off a 10lb bag of organic brown rice.  It tastes better. We feel better, and it just seems right.

4. Cooling Au Naturale.  Instead of turning on the Air, we are opening the windows.  Ground rules have been established as to when enough it enough and we can flip the switch, but for the most part we have managed without.  It was made even more manageable when we compared our $153.88 bill from last June to our $66.88 dollar bill from this June.  The significant saving is satisfying and gives the little extra sweat some value.

5. Going Sans Microwave. The idea was sparked by a friend, and at first mention, I thought it a ridiculous notion.  However, after pondering the thought for more than a moment, we decided to try it.  One week later, I would like to report that we have survived without it, and the only time I cursed my decision was when making cheese roll-ups for the boys.  

All in all, it has been a rewarding experience all around.  Not only are we saving money, we are freeing our days of unnecessary clutter, allowing us more time to focus on what is important. 

Gibson summed it up best as he was trying to console Elliott in his mourning the loss of his favorite cartoon.  In a very calm, rational voice he reasoned with his brother by saying, Elliott, Is Jake a Need or a Want?

Leave it to a 6 year old remind us of how simple it really is.


  1. you are an inspiration! especially the air conditioning...I don't know if I could do it!

  2. Hi! I think I may be the responsible party for the loss of the microwave! (I'm katie's sister in law). We share so many of the same goals with living simply! It's comforting to know we aren't the only crazy-against the norm family out there! :) I think we might have you beat on the tv... we're down to bunny ears with the intention of elimination by the end of the year! haha :)


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