Friday, September 3, 2010

so long... for now

our party of four was up bright and early this morning for the big test. the test we have been waiting for to see if gibson's body had made a full recovery from it's adrenal suppression.

we were anxious to see if gibson's hypothalamus would make cortisol or still be asleep.

we were reassured when our doctor told us before the test even took place, that in no way did gibson have a primary adrenal disease, and that our worst case scenario is that it is only a secondary adrenal suppression due to his oral and inhaled steroids.

we were hopeful that a test that gibson's body flat lined in february, scoring <4, would produce a number between 12-14.

and we were over the moon when the specialist called us to tell us that gibson's body produced a 16, and that he would no longer need his daily cortisol.

we were thankful that although his hypothalamus may be put to sleep again, in the case of a need for a steroid burst, that today he is healed.

we were grateful for wonderful doctors and the kindest of nurses.

and for now, gibson's adrenal system is healed, and for that we praise God.

God is good, all scores aside.


  1. What great news! I say thank ya Jesus, thank ya, thank ya, thank ya Jesus!


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