Thursday, September 2, 2010

team up thursday:selective focus

at four o'clock this afternoon, as sara and i were packing up to leave our first week of school behind, we contemplated cancelling this week's team up thursday. 

we were exhaused, hadn't taken our pictures and missed our kids. and for a split moment i was tempted to call it a day on our team venture, but i am so thankful we didn't.

one of the reasons i didn't want to cancel was because this week's theme was very symbolic for me.  early in june our small group did a study that discussed how positive or negative focus on life was a choice that we each have to make and how it impacts our lives.

since we watched the video the topic has come up over and over again as we ask each other if we are half full or half empty? 

and for those who know me best, know that i naturally view the glass as half empty. unfortunately, it has become a habit, a way to cope, as to protect myself from anything bad that may happen. it has become a very unhealthy way for me to live.  so, lately, i have been working very hard to choose to focus on the glass as half full and thought that it was only appropriate for this weeks theme.

and sara's picture is something that i hadn't thought of, but is oh so relevent to our lives right now.  what do we focus on? school, pleasure, relaxation.  our worlds have gone from feast to famine, either way you look at it. and we now have to chose where our focus will lie.  and if you look closely you will notice how the focus of sara's picture is so creatively tied into this week's theme.

next up: work

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  1. I love that you guys do this and wait in anticipation of what you'll select.


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