Tuesday, September 7, 2010

tonight, i snuggled with my soon to be kindergartner, trying to calm his first day jitters.

it broke my heart when he asked me to pray that he would meet new friends. and it broke my heart to think of him, my first baby, as a little guy in a new, big school.

but my heart would not be broken for long, because out of the blue, God blessed this nervous mamma with this conversation.

g: mamma, i love you.

m: i love you too gibbers.

m: gibson, i'm proud to be your mamma.

g: and i'm proud to be your son.

so tomorrow is the day.  the day i send my first baby to school. the day i pray that his confidence will shine though.  the day i let my son go, just a little bit more, as he starts this new adventure.


  1. Bless you, Theresa. I shared those same snuggles with Dylan tonight. HOWEVER, Matt is the one we should be worried about - he saw Dylan's backpack hanging on the door and got all teary eyed. Pretty sure he would home school him if he could.

    Time to leave the nests, baby birds!

  2. Oh, you guys bring tears to my eyes...love those little boys!


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