Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fast and Furious

We are two weeks into summer, and it has been fast and furious. Our days have been filled with swimming, canoeing, bike riding, soccer ball kicking and baseball playing.

For my introverted, down time loving self it has been exhausting, yet so heart filling. While I am anti-fill up our schedules with wall-to-wallsportsactivitiesfriendsandnonstopmovement, I daresay I am starting to find joy in the busy.

Last night, as we sat at playoff game #2 of the week I was thankful. Gibson was in his glory tearing up the baseball field, Elliott was playing his usual pick-up game of baseball with any sibling who was up for a game, and Finley was being her usual three year old self...and life was good.

I am going to take that good and store it in my pocket for the rest of the summer when my blood pressure is rising, my kids are bickering and exhaustion is creeping in .

Here's hoping I can remember which pocket I put it in.

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