Saturday, October 5, 2013

Showing Up is Less About You...

Showing up is less about you.

Today, Gibson took to the football field for his second to last game this season.   At 8:45 in the morning dozens of little eight and nine year old boys ran onto the field and tried their best to rise to the occasion.

There were tackles and touchdowns, penalties and punts.  With each play, a little boy would hit the field and with each play they would get back up… except for the times they didn’t.  Those times that make all mothers in the stands cringe. 

One boy, didn’t get up right away.  His parents were in front of us and were eventually called down to the field to be told that their son was being pulled from the game due to a headache…news that made me cringe, and I am not even his mom.

As the parents came back to the stands they told their friends what had happened.  In response another mother began, in great detail, telling a story of another boy who had a similar injury, who ended up in the hospital, lost sight in his, eye and has yet to return to school….*&%^*!

Steve and I looked at each other and SOH, {SHOOK OUR HEADS…..texting language drives me bonkers….but I thought it pnly appropriate here} and started coming up with the title for the blog about when people show up too much…………….

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