Friday, October 4, 2013

Because Showing Up is More Fun...

This week was another exhausting week on the job search rollercoaster.  Tuesday felt like Friday and more waiting ensued.  By Wednesday night, Steve and I found ourselves unintentionally cashed out in the boy's bunk beds.

At 9:30, Steve did his best to get me out of the top bunk and reminded me that I was making some meals for a friend the next day.

In a stupor, I made it upstairs and began to start the meals in a haze. Thankful, I noticed Steve was going to join me as he began mincing garlic, chopping carrots and slicing leeks.

For the next two hours Steve and I made two new recipes and one family favorite.  Mumford was playing in the background, and we sipped on wine as we delighted in cooking with real, whole foods.  We tasted our creations, added a little bit of this and some more of that, and were pleasantly surprised at how much fun we were having.

A night I had planned on spending cooking alone had turned into a lovely sort of date night.  Steve decided to show up....and I am thankful.



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