Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Year 8

While snuggling in bed with Gibson, soaking up the few remaining moments of his birthday, Gibson asked through tired eyes if he could have a Year 8 list.

 Smiling from ear to ear and as proud as a peacock, I happily listened to my blond hair, brown eyed boy dream up his biggest dreams for the year.

And, this is what the newly eight year old Gibson Jack dreamed up.

Year 8

1Learn how to wakeboard.
2. Go on bigger and tougher mountain bike trails.
3. Do a bike race.
4. Learn how to snowboard down big hills.
5. Learn more about fossils.
6. Go on my first camping trip
7. Back flip off the diving board and dock.
8. Go to Disney World.

May you always dream big my little one!


  1. This is just great! We have a tent you can borrow :)

  2. I love this. I wish I was 8 and only had 8 things on my list ;)

    Talk to Mr. Matt about that bike race.

  3. Yeah! What a great age to start this. :)


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