Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Birthday, Gibson Jack

Happy Birthday to our smart, courageous, always smiling, outgoing, energetic, happy, thoughtful Gibson Jack.

In your seventh year of life you...

Lost your two front teeth. Attended your first concert {needtobreathe}! Started mountain biking. Invented roller basketball. Built a tepee. Spent your spring,summer and fall on the trampoline. Mastered the front flip and back handspring. Took gymnastics. Started scaring the jeepers out of your mama. Mastered tickle torture. Found the joy that witty one liners bring. Loved everything fossil! Became enamored with football routes. Played catcher and LOVED it. Devoured Weird but True books. Made your first gingerbread house. Body boarded at Avalanche Bay.Dune jumped. Served at the Supper House. And, prayed for your sister every night.

We are blessed by you each and every day, and we are proud of the young boy you have become.

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