Sunday, January 6, 2013

Project52: Self-Portrait

My friend Autumn is hosting Project52, a once a week photo challenge for 52 weeks.  One year of pushing the limits behind the lens.

Autumn and I first met at a Yoga retreat and quickly bonded over our strong desire for a glass of wine and a cookie.

Since meeting Autumn I have learned that she has an unmatched creative energy, she roots for the underdog, and she always has her hands in something outside the box.

So, when she asked if I wanted to join her for this photo challenge, I had no other choice but to say Yes!

The first assignment, however, almost made me run for the door...

A self-portrait?

Oh dear.

That's when I knew this project was exactly what I needed.

To be a bit uncomfortable.

To be a lot vulnerable {insert little known fact that I took a camera class once and left more confused than ever}. 

To take a chance.

To push my thinking.

After a brief self pep talk, I started to ponder how exactly it was that I wanted to take my self portrait.

What part of me tells a story?  My crow's feet? My gray hair? My usual uniform of yoga pants and a comfy t? What story do I  want to tell?

And that is when I knew that I had to somehow get this shot...

... a shot of my forty-one month pregnant self.

 Although I do not have the belly to prove it, my arms have longed to hold my baby girl since God placed her on my heart four years ago.

I did not feel her first kick.

I have not heard her heartbeat.

Yet still I have carried her and have always known she was mine.

Thirsty for more? Head on over to The Terpblog to see Katie's self-portrait, I promise you'll be inspired.


  1. Perfect. (And here's a {hug} momma) Thanks for continuing to share your journey.

  2. Brutiful! Your authenticity and courage shines.

  3. how do i join in project 52?

  4. Oh, my heart. If it's any consolation, you look stunning at 41 months!

  5. Praying that travel call comes VERY soon!


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