Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Back To The Basics: Laughter

Just over a year ago, I started a Back to the Basics series.  It began as a way to simplify our lives, to slow down and take in the life that was happening around us.

Recently, I have felt the nudge to take a closer look at what it means to truly get Back to the Basics.

One year later, I have found myself asking the question all over again... What are the Basics?

This time, I seem to be stumbling upon answers that are unseen.  All of the qualities of life that cannot be touched, cannot be measured, and cannot be taken away.  Those things that truly make our house a home and our lives a story worth telling.

The first of the unseen is Laughter....

A quote from my favorite book, The Shack, rocked my world as I read it a few years ago...

"... Suddenly, a terrible crash broke into his reverie. It came from the direction of the kitchen, and Mack froze.  For a moment there was dead silence, and then, unexpectedly, he heard uproarious laughter.  Curious, he exited the bathroom and poked his head through the doorway of the kitchen.
      Mack was shocked at the scene in front of him.  It appeared that Jesus had dropped a large bowl of some sort of batter or sauce on the floor, and it was everywhere.  It must have landed close to Papa because the lower portion of her skirt and bare feet were covered in the gooey mess.  They were laughing so hard that Mack didn't think they were breathing.  Sarayu said something about humans being clumsy, and all three started roaring again. Finally, Jesus brushed past Mack and returned a minute later with a large basin of water and towels. ....
     ....Mack was so full of thoughts.  So this was God in relationship? It was beautiful and so appealing.  He knew that it didn't matter whose fault it was -.... Obviously, what was truly important here was the love they had for one another and the fullness it brought them..."

For so long, my patience was so thin. A cup of milk would get knocked off the table... again... and I would view it as an inconvenience. I then read this and was humbled.  How I longed for my home to be filled with uncontrollable laughter.

Now, we laugh.....

Why? Because WHY NOT? 

Laughter is free, it is pure, it is what God intended, and it should be CELEBRATED!


  1. Well said, my friend! Glad we can celebrate and journey and laugh our way through life together!

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  3. I really need to laugh more! I like when you said, "Why, because why not?". I get all bunched up sometimes and just need to laugh it off. I need to loosen up a little.

    A much needed post. Thanks for sharing.


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