Wednesday, September 19, 2012


The morning of my birthday, I awoke to a very excited boy bringing me breakfast in bed.  As he sat by my side, he explained that he picked the blue plate because it was my favorite color, used the end of the loaf of bread because he knows my favorite flavor is crunchy, and added onions to my omelet because he knew I would love them.

All throughout the morning, I had two boys treating me like royalty, with smiles on their faces the entire time.

As the boys went off to school, Katie and I made our birthday rounds celebrating in the only way we could think of ..... Collecting FREE birthday treasures. After, much laughing, a ton of sugar, one not so happy drive thru lady, and several HAPPY local employees, we were filled to the brim, both belly and soul...all before noon!

Next up was lunch with my mom and more surprises from my boys.  Not only did they serve me breakfast in bed, but the also made me a candlelight dinner.  We made homemade strawberry lemonade, drank from fancy glasses and polished off the leftover deserts from my morning birthday haul.

Just when I didn't think that there could be any more possible celebration, there was.  Steve surprised me with Sushi making 101 {Thank you, Rob!} at UpTown Kitchen.  Eight friends gathered around an industrial kitchen celebrating me, authenticity and our friendships.  We laughed, shouted SAKI! and made our very own sushi!

And the fun wasn't over, from Sushi 101 we headed downtown for our birthday scavenger hunt. Boys vs. Girls. Running in heels. On the spot thinking. Hysterical laughter.

Words can't describe how blessed I am to have these amazing, true friends,

two thoughtful little boys, a sweet girl waiting for me in Korea, and this handsome husband who loves me more than I know.

So much to CELEBRATE!

"If you don't celebrate you, ain't nobody going to celebrate you."
~katie terpstra

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  1. love it! the pictures tell the story and your beautiful words are the icing on top!

    I don't believe anyone has ever quoted me with such care before. next up: pin-worthy printable.


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