Thursday, September 13, 2012

So long, Year 32

Today, on this final day of Year 32, Steve surprised me with a handmade hammock hanging on our back porch.

I had heard the hammering in the basement for the past several nights, but I was shocked when I opened my eyes to see what hung before me.

He made this beautiful hanging hammock so I could cross one last thing off of my list, to take my long anticipated nap in a hammock and to reflect. To rest.

As he left, he said, I'm not sure why we spend our time celebrating birthdays when we should celebrate the amazing year we were just blessed with.

And with that, I cried.

Year 32 has been an amazing, epic year.

I have laughed genuine laughter.

I have cried tears filled with anguish and pain.

I have said hello to many, many people and possibilities.

I have said goodbye to many of the same.

For the first time in my life, I have let go, and I have lived.

As I pursued Year 32, eyes wide open, I was suddenly aware of life that was waiting to be lived at  every turn.

In my 32nd year I...

completed a flip-turn | did one successful front flip | submitted an essay into a writing contest | went for a midnight swim | INSPIRED one person to live on purpose | finished my Christmas shopping before December 1 | bought a bike | learned to sew| read a series with my boys | attended a retreat | completed a closet overhaul | payed it forward in a drive thru | resigned from my teaching job completed a 30 day CANDIDA DIET | attended mars hill running group | saw salmon run {amazing!} | took a spinning class | made bee-bim bop | bought brown boots | ate MOOMERS ice cream {several times} | raced in a different city | cooked a turkey! | saw mat kearney at the house of blues! | RAN OUT of GAS | went on a color tour | ate my first pastie | sled down a ski hill | got SNOWED IN | built a snowman on a ski hill | bought skinny jeans | went to my first concert at the intersection {needtobreathe} | retold my story took a photography class | hosted a wine and cheese party for Jesus | hosted a craft night or two | was introduced to my DAUGHTER! | attended a holy yoga retreat | visited denver, CO | lost my village coffee virginity | mountain biked on a real MOUNTAIN | survived loveland pass | saw mumford and sons | at RED ROCK! | hiked red rock | took our boys on our first date | chose TRUE as my word of 2012 |  project purged for justice | did revelation wellness in the park | rolled down a hill |  sled arm-in-arm down a hill with three of my dearest friends |  took the boys to their first concert | road in a Rigshaw | brewed kombucha | FLEW to Nashville | heard wisdom from Donald Miller

In the end, life is what we make it.

We have a choice.

We can be derailed by the reality of life and be bitter.

Or, we can choose to live life well and be a part of a bigger story.

What's your choice?

Year 32, I thank you and celebrate you!


  1. Beautiful post! I too will now celebrate the amazing year I was blessed with. Good time to reflect. Just beautiful.

  2. Brutiful! Love living life with you! Bring it, Year 33!!

  3. goosebumps. what a story you're writing!


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