Friday, November 11, 2011


It's that time again, InstaFriday is here.  In a matter of a week we went from delightful weather to snow, we visited a winery and portaged an imaginary boat throughout our house.  Just another ordinary week for our Party of Four. 

1. Soaking in what seems to be the final days of fall with a warm cup
of tea while sitting on the porch.
2. Steve caught me eating candy in bed.  So what?
Is it really a big deal that I sneak candy into my bedroom 
and eat several pieces quickly?

3. Ella & Elliott {Is that not the cutest pair of names ever?}
showing off their pudding concoctions.
4. My name is Theresa, and I am slightly addicted to burning candles.

5. Our name is Party of Four, and we are slightly addicted to rice.
We have found ourselves breaking into another 10lb. bag.
It's hard not to do with yummy rice recipes like this one!
6. What does a girl do when she goes all the way into
S.E. Grand Rapids {wow, I have become a suburban house wife} 
only to find her meeting canceled? Is it even a question?

7. Next to the iPhone, I think this may be my favorite modern day invention.
8. Gibson's life boat well equip with a knife, Bible, money, chapstick, a notepad, 
leftover lunch and a balloon.

 9. We got to enjoy some wonderful reading material as we waited for Gibson's 
first grade conference.
10.  And, to celebrate a great report from Gibson's teacher,
Steve and I hit the local winery. 

11. And, at the winery, we met Ryan, the executive chef, who was 
nice enough to take our picture and give us wine corks. Score!
12. Michigan's first snow. I think I can, I think I can.

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