Wednesday, November 9, 2011

InstaFriday {Race Edition}

Last Friday, in a matter of 24 hours Katie, Kmac and I drove to Chicago, ran 9.3 miles and drove back .  It seems like a short period of time and I have to admit, it was a whirlwind,  but in that 24 hours we lived a lot of life and made the most of our time away.

 1. Our first view of Chicago.
2. Upon entering our beautiful hotel room, we saw this picture.
If that doesn't sum up Year 32, I don't know what does.

 3.  Before our trip I had never heard of Bubble Tea.  Thanks to the baristas
at Argo Tea I tried my first glass, and enjoyed the bizarre experience.
 4. Kt and Kmac attempt their first horsemanning pose, and I have to say,
I think it was a success. 

 5. Filling up on rice and other goodness for our pre-race meal.
6. The iPod has arrived thanks to two very generous people.

 7. Race day in Chicago.
8. After seeing signs at mile one, two, three, four, five, six, seven,
eight, and nine, this sign was my favorite of all.

 9. And now one of the main reasons we chocolate and
10. chocolate fondue.

And in the end, what happened in the 24 hours that we traveled to Chicago and back, was much more than can be told in a picture. What you cannot see is the hysterical laughter, a few choice words, and lots of girl talk.  Thank you my dear friends for 24 hours of pure living.

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  1. ha! we did do a lot of living!! I think I am still recovering!


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