Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to the Basics:{Canning Peaches}

As if canning tomatoes wasn't a big enough leap for this non-culinary girl, my mom and I decided to can not one, but two 1/2 bushels of peaches.  It seemed as if it would be a lot of work, but in reality, canning peaches was much more enjoyable than canning tomatoes.  If I can do it, you can do it!

Steps for canning Red Haven Peaches.

Step 1: Start with several {at least 1/2 bushel} of ripe peaches.  *I have found that 1/2 bushel will yield 10 wide mouth jars of canned peaches.

Step 2: Heat peaches in a warm bath.  I recommend trying one or two at first to gauge how long the peaches need to soak.  If peaches are soaked for too long they will be too mushy to effectively pit.

Step 3: While the peaches are bathing, fill another pot with an inch or so of water and begin heating jars by placing them upside down into the pot

Step 4: Transfer warm peaches to cold water.

Step 5: When peaches are cool, cut around the center, gently twist into halves and, if done perfectly, the skin will peel right off. {Note: I had several that were not done perfectly, in that case just salvage what you can because a peach is a peach}

Step 6: Place peach halves in a bowl.

Meanwhile: {because, I am not quite sure of the perfect time} in yet another pan, begin to heat the mixture you will be pouring over the peaches.  We chose a mixture that was 3:1 water to sugar and simply used the mason jar to measure.  Mix well and heat until sugar water is warm.

Step 7: Place halved peaches into jar, pit side down.

Step 8: Pour warm sugar water over peaches.

Step 9: As passed down to my mother from her mother, this step may be the most important, unknown step to caners around the world...  After the sugar water is poured over the peaches, take a butter knife and slide it down the sides of the jar to release any bubbles in the jar. 

Step 10: Wipe around the mouth of the jar, clearing it of any residue.

Step 11: Top the jar with lids, tighten with rings and place into a pressure cooker or canning pot.

Step 12: Line up handles of pressure cooker.

Step 13: Line up knobby thing {anyone know the technical name? mom? grandma?} so that the 5 is on the bottom.  The arrow is pointing to what remains of the 5 on this gem of a 1979 pressure cooker. Why you do this? I am not quite sure, but I do know that it is crucial, so go with it.

Step 14: Once the all important 5 is lined up turn the burner on high until you hear a vigorous rattle.  Once you hear the rattle, turn the burner down a bit, resulting in a less constant rattle, but one that is intermittent separated by 10 seconds or so. After turning it down set the timer for 10 minutes and let the pressure cooker work it's magic.

Step 15: When the 10 minutes is done, turn off the burner and wait for the handles to release. Once the handles are released you may take the lid off of the pressure cooker and take hot jars out.  *be sure to line your counter tops with towels to protect the surface. 

Step 16: Stock your cupboards and enjoy.

And there you have it....word has it that today may be the last day to enjoy fresh Red Haven peaches. Be sure to grab yourself one of the last batches, some mason jars,and a canning companion and give it a try...why not?


  1. Good for you! Did this remind you of Holes? :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Fun stuff! I believe the "knobby thing" could be called the pressure gauge. And the reason to use 5 pounds is because the book that comes with the vintage canner tells us to!! I opened a jar tonight and they were delicious! Couldn't wait til winter!

  4. That deleted comment was mine!!! I noticed a typo and just couldn't let it be....I don't think of myself as a perfectionist!

  5. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree:)

  6. Hi Theresa! This is Amber from "Waiting For You." I saw that you now have the Korean Word of the Day posted on your blog! YEAH! Did you get my e-mail that I sent to your aunt Kris about how to add it? I asked her to forward it to you since I didn't have your e-mail. You may e-mail me anytime at I will be following your journey!!

    P.S. The peaches look soooo YUMMY!

  7. these look so yummy! I think you've inspired me to try it!


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