Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gibson: A reminder of who you have always been

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My Gibson Jack,

You are bold and courageous! You attack life and do so without fear.  You crave to be around people, to laugh and to live in community.  What others would see as a risk, you see as an opportunity.  You do flips off the diving board, flip turns in the pool and hand springs in the basement, all without a single moment of hesitation.  You are even working up the courage to join in a break dancing session with the Holland Street performers.

Even more amazing than your raw athleticism, is your soft and tender heart.  You have a way to understand people's hurt.  As you noticed me crying in the car the other day you took the time to ask if I was ok, knew intuitively that my heart was aching for our baby, and reassured me that it would be okay.  You sense when people are in pain and gravitate toward them, loving them all of the way.

You are an amazing big brother and cousin.  Each time Sawyer enters the room your voice changes to show your excitement and you greet him with the most loving welcome, letting him know that he's a pretty cool kid and you are glad he's around.  You have held baby Sloane more than all of us combined and each time you grab her she melts into your arms, knowing you are safe. 

Curiosity and wonder flow through you naturally.  You question and ponder everything, always looking for the how and the why things are the way they are.  You search for truth, never ceasing until you find it.

...and that laugh, your pure laugh. It has remained unchanged for all these years.  It comes from the depths of your belly and radiates a room, spreading your intense love of life to all who hear it.

Gibson Jack, I love you and pray that you may always remember who you have always been.

I love you to the moon,

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  1. and now I'm crying. you are a good mama and you have good boys. you should be very proud.


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