Wednesday, September 8, 2010

a very special recipe

ingredients for a great first day
a class that has a "pack of boys"
sitting next to a girl from church
meeting a new friend that has the same shoes!
an art teacher who told him to wear old clothes, because it's going to get messy
a visit from mr. O.
an older neighbor boy who remembered his name
a jiggly jellyfish
a kind neighbor, ms. jody, who sat with him at lunch
and playing on the playground four times.

and, although gibson began his first day of kindergarten with tears in his eyes and a belly full of butterflies, he ended it with a huge smile on his face and oh, so many stories to tell. 


  1. So sweet. I'm glad he had a great day! Can't wait to catch up during soccer practice :)

  2. Awesome,awesome,awesome...still can't believe he is a big kindergarten boy. Give him hugs from us.


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