Thursday, September 9, 2010

team up thursday: work

work: a noun- exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something.

often when i think of work, i think of things like scrubbing the shower, grading papers and mopping the floor.  all things i despise doing and bring a negative connotation to the word.  however, with my new attempt at seeing the glass as half full, i wanted to take a positive spin on this week's team up thursday and focus on the rewards of hard work...which led me to marriage...something beautiful and rewarding when work is put into it.

and speaking of work, with very little reward, i have worked long and hard to find the notepad that is the focus of sara's picture this week.  i love her picture this week because it gives a glimpse into her and many teacher's lives at work...a constant list of new things we want to try, old things we would like to pull out again and the constant whirlwind of ideas spinning in our heads.

next up: small

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