Wednesday, July 28, 2010

life is tough

they say three is the new two.

a two year old gets frustrated, shows their anger and then gets over it because they are easily distracted the the next best thing.

a three year old, on the other hand, gets frustrated, knows exactly why they are frustrated, and will not give up until they are good and ready to throw in the towel.

and although, when asked how old he is, elliott always responds, i'll be four on my next birthday, he is nowhere near such a reasonable age. today i was reminded of this fact as he acted in a way that would make all three year olds around the world proud.

the day began with an uh-oh for hitting his brother over a glass of spilled milk. it continued with the mother of all meltdowns in hobby lobby, including a bout of standing in the cart with his head pointing to the heavens, mouth open to it's fullest capacity and blood curdling screams pouring out. and ended with this...

his longest ever uh-oh due to continuous poor choices. he was hitting the wall. he was yelling. he was trying to escape. and finally, in hopes to kill two birds with one stone, i asked gibson if he wanted to talk to elliott about all that he has learned about how to sit in uh-oh and the best way to get out.

and with great pride, he did. he used all of his vast knowledge and years of experience to share his pearls of wisdom regarding the best way to serve your time. and i sat back with my camera and just took it all in, laughing at the irony.


  1. Can you hire Gibson out to come talk to my kids as well?

  2. he has HOURS of uh-oh experience so it won't be cheap:)

  3. Ha! I just had a similar conversation 20 minutes ago with my mom. Mia was in time out and Ben was just in his room crying. Why? Because he wants to go camping NOW, not next Wednesday. I might be willing to hire Gibson as well. :)


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