Wednesday, July 21, 2010

family pictures

with my brother and his wife in town our family decided to arrange a last minute photo session to capture our family before we were separated by fourteen hours again.
so off we went, trying to coordinate, find a location and put our best foot forward.

i immediately went to the mall to find our standby blue shirts for the boys and new trousers to match. as i was trying to match my boys without being to matchy, while shopping in the toddler and big boy section now, i met the most wonderful sales lady. she found great joy in my picture shopping and reminisced about her four boys and how their family pictures always seemed to tell a story. a black eye in this one, a cast in that one. i smiled at her stories and found great comfort that there were no black eyes or broken bones for this family picture.
after her wonderful suggestions i made my selections, headed home, set out all the clothes and crashed.

i crashed until 7:30 this morning i was awoken by steve asking if i saw gibson's head?
at first glance, i cringed, thinking what kind of rash is that? i cursed the medication he was on because of crazy side effects like this, and wondered how i was going to squeeze in a doctor's appoinment.

i asked gibson what happened to his head to which he replied, "what's wrong with it?" making it apparent that he had yet to look in the mirror.

and with one more attempt to figure out this mystery spot before a call to the doctor was made, it dawned on gibson that "oh yeah, i was sticking that table horse shoe thing to my head and pulling it off last night before i fell asleep."

so on this family picture day we were not lucky enough to just have a black eye or a broken bone, but the world's largest hickey smack dab in the center of my five year old's forehead.

say cheese.

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  1. Oh Gibson! Someday you'll look back and laugh...


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