Monday, August 9, 2010

pleasant surprise

since moving into our new house in may, we have been slowly taking it in, getting to know every inch. learning the quirkiness of the light switches, the sporadicness of the sprinklers and speculating what would look best on the colorful bare walls.

i have often said to steve that if we were to have built our own house i would have never thought to pick many of the details in our house, but love every single one of them.

this goes for the outside as well. i love that we have mums lining our sidewalk, daisies tucked away and overly excited burning bushes.

the boys and i have explored every corner and enjoyed seeing everything come into bloom, with the exception of one random plant along the side of our house. as the summer marched on we began to notice this one plant that didn't seem to want to bloom, chalked it up to a very big weed and went on with our summer, until gibson cracked a home run over the house last night. as i ran around the corner to retrieve his grand slam i saw this magnificently brilliant flower and stopped dead in my tracks, pleasantly surprised by this creative creation that i would never have chosen, but thankful someone else did.

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