Sunday, June 27, 2010

kids say the darndest things

our pediatrician has always said that three years old is her all time favorite age, and i would have to agree. as i have watched my boys get older i have observed treasures of each age, but there is just something about the ripe old age of three that gets me every time. maybe its the fact they are smart enough, with a big enough vocabulary, to say the cutest things... yet not smart enough to fully understand the context in which to apply them.

oh how i love this combination. and this combination has given us much to chuckle at lately. for the sake of holding them dear, i need to document them before i forget.

the first of many comes from his new found fear of monsters. scared to go downstairs with out his big brother, elliott came to me concerned that the monsters in the basement would get him. i reminded him that the trick for taming monsters is to just tickle them. elliott, however, was convinced that they were bad guys, and we need to shoot them.

being the anti violence advocate that i am, tried to divert this whole shooting business with a suggestion for elliott to talk to Jesus about his fears, because He always listens to us. elliott replied with...
"does Jesus have a gun?"

note to self...we need to focus on the God is Love theme, asap.

the second display of three year old wisdom occurred while i was trying to put sunscreen on his face this week. after i asked him to stand still for the third time he yelled/spelled back at me in his i'm ticked voice, "S-O. NO!"

later in that same day, my brother-in-law was making oatmeal for my nephew. he got out the oatmeal, poured it in the bowl and heated up the water in the tea kettle. when he was finished he mixed it all together and asked elliott if he wanted some. to which he replied, "no thanks, i don't like tea in my oatmeal."

and finally, elliott gave us a perfect example of his sense of humor this afternoon at the dinner table. while sitting quietly eating his raspberries, a loud crack of thunder rumbled in the sky and in the blink of an eye, elliott said, "sorry, that was my stomach"

my prayer for elliott has always been that he may shine in his own light and be confident in himself. i am thankful he is coming into his own.

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