Monday, June 28, 2010

treasures of five

although i would capture the age of three in a bottle if i could, the age of five definitely has it's treasures too. it makes me realize that i am no longer the mother of just toddlers but a mother of a boy. and maybe the reason it does not rank up there with the age of three is the fact that i can see my first baby growing up so fast, needing me even less. the signs of being five make me sad that time is going so fast. which is all the more reason to collect them and hold them dear.

so here is a collection of some of gibson's recent treasures.

after being stuck in a traffic jam for quite some time my nephew sawyer started to get a little restless. in response to this i joked with my mom, "a mom who was thinking would have brought snacks for the car ride." to this gibson replied, "mom, do you want to hear how other moms have handled this?...they just give him toys."

while still sitting in the same traffic jam my dad started to think of car games we could play, gibson excitedly chimed in that he had a game. a game that has no name, but i will call roll call. he proudly announced that he would call out our names and we would have to say here as fast as we could. and surprisingly this game lasted quite awhile with lots of laughs.

gibson has also displayed much patience lately and even has gone as far as to wink at me with each bad pitch that elliott throws while saying, "good pitch elliott."

and finally, my favorite thing about gibson being five is that he is more aware of those around him. he goes out of his way to care for his little cousin, and just today, as steve was sick in bed, without my knowing, he went in to check to see how he was feeling two times.

my prayer for gibson has been that he knows and feels my love and God's love. and as he asked me to snuggle in bed with him, i knew he felt loved and that no matter what age he is he will always be my first baby.


  1. I tell Dylan all the time that he is my first baby too. I also made him promise that he will always hug his mom no matter how old he gets! (the trick is to make them promise when they are young)

  2. I also tell my Isaac he's my first baby! We sing a song...turn around and your one...turn around and your four...turn around and you're a young boy going out the door...Isaac's turning 4. Seems like the song is going way toooooo fast. I like your idea of enjoying every minute. Hugs!



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