Sunday, September 27, 2009

thirty thousand pounds of bananas

for some reason my memories of childhood are a bit foggy and few and far between. i remember the easter bunny taping a barbie puzzle to the closet door, my brother dumping a coffee can filled with worms overboard just as we started fishing, and falling off the top bunk bed and breaking my nose. i also remember my parents playing neil diamond vinyls on the record player for most of my childhood.

and just recently i was reminded of another childhood memory. a wonderful memory. as i was washing, drying and bagging the 70 pounds of blueberries we picked this year, i was reminded of another artist my parents always played on their record player, an artist who sang about bananas. every night when they were doing dishes we were serenaded with harry chapin and his silly song about the eventually mashed bananas. so in honor of the many blueberries we now have stashed in our freezer and the many nights of listening to mashed bananas here is the 1977 version of 30,000 pounds of bananas.

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