Monday, September 7, 2009

how full is your bucket?

my bucket is overflowing today! it all started this morning when i got into the car to find out that gibson took it upon himself to buckle himself and elliott up. and as i thanked him over and over again he told me that he did it because it is mother's day and that he wanted me to be able to "relax and enjoy time with the family." a sweet boy he can be.

we then ventured off to play mini golf. although there were a few dips in my bucket from thirsty little golfers, the cloudless, brilliant blue sky made up for those deficits immediately. and to top it all off i got to see eilliott's hesitant smile and hear gibson's giddy laughter as we sped around the race way for their first go kart rides.

what an amazing way to spend the final day of summer.

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