Tuesday, July 21, 2009

sunflower seeds

as steve was finishing up our painting project, the boys and i tried to stay out of his way by having a picnic outside. we dined on pb and j's, carrots and sunflower seeds. a meal to make anyone jealous. as gibson and elliott were devouring their sunflower seeds, i told them if they ate anymore they would turn into birds. i asked them if they were a bird and could fly anywhere, where would they fly? elliott responded with a resounding, florida and gibson confidently replied, i'd find a place of my own! well there you have it...


  1. I think I would agree with Gibson. It's been a crazy day in the DeGroot household. I would love 5 minutes alone today! :)

    Hey- we need to catch up sometime too. :)

  2. Oh, Gibson! Such an independent soul. I'm in agreement with him, though I don't think I figured that out until much, much later in life.


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