Tuesday, July 28, 2009


it was a normal night in the heethuis house. steve and i were getting dinner ready. the boys were playing upstairs. and then we heard it. the jump. it rattled the lights and startled jade. instantly i went to the stairs and yelled in my scariest mother voice, "if i see you jump off the table again, there will be a serious consequence..."

shocked, gibson asked, "how can you see?"

"all moms can see through walls...." i replied with the deepest sense of satisfaction.

gibson was impressed to say the least and the table jumping did stop. and for the rest of the night i thought that for a little while i had the trump card, and that gibson may think twice before he tries any daring tricks again. well i didn't hold the trump card for long because when i went upstairs and into gibson's room that same night, i found this....

yes. gibson decided to stack two of his chairs, that just so happen to belong to the table he jumped off of, on top of each other because he couldn't reach something in his closet. and a couple of days later i went downstairs to find him with the freezer key, which we store on the top of the 6ft freezer, trying to get a popsicle. according to gibson's recollections, he just climbed up the folding chairs, to reach the key. apparently my motherly superpowers aren't as spectacular as i had thought...


  1. Oh my goodness...that boy of yours is very creative! :)

  2. he's unstoppable! at least you know he'll go far in life...

  3. And those are only the things you find evidence of later. Can you imagine what doesn't leave a footprint!? Maybe you shouldn't even think about it...

  4. I think I'm glad I had a girl...lol


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