Thursday, July 16, 2009

i fell off the wagon....

it has been a stressful couple of weeks in the hothouse. both steve and i have been burning both ends of the wick. the boys have been non-stop. and jade has had a couple of accidents to add to the mix. needless to say we are drained physically and emotionally. so the other day i decided it was time to go to my happy place. and a happy place it was! the boys amazingly sat down on the little stools with a pile of books and read for at least thirty minutes while i got my people magazine fix. and i decided that the only way i could truly feel better was if i purchased a few new books. the boys got to pick out some books too...but once again they are not worthy of a plug. i however found these great books.

i also stumbled upon a precious book about an adorable rabbit written by tobin sprout. and ever so providentially it was titled, elliott. just the title alone had me convinced i had to buy it. however, as i read the front flap i realized how perfect the timing was that i found this book. it read...
.....a unique tale of a magical rabbit who must take a leap from the safety of his magic hat to make a new life for himself. he faces his fears of change, and trusts in a new friend to help him. he learns that the true change comes from within.
as steve and i have been challenged to take many leaps in our lives lately, most of which we have fallen just short of landing, this book has been a blessing and a reminder. a reminder that if we stay inside our hat and never dare to leap, we will never reach the life that God has challenged us to live. a reminder that if we dare to not trust, we will never recognize the amazing friends we have surrounding us. so tonight we pray that you too may dare to leap.


  1. Praying that you are less stressed! Thanks for the book ideas!

  2. Amen, sister...thanks for the encouraging words. Hang in there!


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