Friday, April 17, 2009

putting mama to bed

last night as the boys and i sat snuggled together on the couch, reading bedtime stories, i had to pause trying to cover my cough from gibs and elliott. when my coughing fit had siezed, gibson looked up at me and said, "when caillou's dad was sick, caillou took care of him and put him to bed. i think we need to put you to bed so you can rest." so from that moment, story time was over and it was gibson's mission to put me to bed.

the following events were precious. each boy grabbed a hand and pulled me to bed. gibson took great pride in pulling back my covers and tucking me in. while he went to go get a book to read to me, elliott, without prompting, started to sing, "de-dus yuves me dis i know, for the bible tells me so...". it was at this point that i just melted and continued to melt. gibson returned with my chapter book and he began to mumble gibberish pretending to read it to me. elliott then started to sing rock-a-bye-baby to me and even replaced my name with his at just the right spot. and finally the putting to bed was capped off with gibson singing me his song. after all of the kisses were given and the lights turned off gibson went to bed, without any arguments, on the one condition that daddy give me orange juice after he was in bed. it has been a long time since i have been put to bed. i had forgotten the comfort that it brings! thanks for taking care of mama.


  1. How precious is that? Gave me tears!

  2. Oh, how sweet!! Your boys are such tender-hearted little ones. You are blessed. :)


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