Friday, April 17, 2009

general observations

earlier this week elliott and i visited the ear, nose and throat specialist for a follow up appointment. after our visit i realized that i had made a few observations during our time there...

the first observation i made was that they have a very nice section of the waiting room devoted to kids. with a movie playing and toys to play with, my boys always whine when they get called back into the examination room. so, i am wondering, why is it that when they have this very nice child friendly room, do they bring you into a very not child friendly room, with many things to break, for forty minutes before the doctor arrives? elliott did a fabulous job, all things considering, and they now have clean walls and chairs due to him wet-wiping everything.

my second observation is that i should have been an ear, nose and throat specialist. now i am not trying to be disrespectful here, but i really think i could have done it. i know the surgeries are difficult and the whole nose and throat thing can be tricky, but seriously, the doctor was in the room for two minutes total (and that included writing a prescription), and for charging $3,000.00 for a five minute surgery, i think i could handle the tricky stuff every now and then.

and finally, my last observation is, why oh why is the emergency call button on the elevator placed directly at eye level to a toddler, and why is it the only button that is bright red? can it draw any more attention to it? just curious....


  1. You could have done Jadon's surgery! :)
    I have been meaning to call you, but the day I was going to, I heard you were really sick. Hope you are doing better!
    P.S. Did your boys scream and scream when you put the drops in their ears after the surgery?

  2. Good noticings! I've often wondered the same things. We've had the occasion to notice the elevator one at the children's museum. You have to believe that they've had that one tripped a time or two.


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