Thursday, April 16, 2009

elliott is two!!!

on april 3rd, my baby boy turned two. two. it is now a couple of weeks later, and i still can't believe it. just recently my family and i were reminiscing about elliott's first year of life. and what a year that was! i can thankfully say that his second year was a complete joy!

elliott's personality has blossomed. he is a cool, calm and collected boy who knows what he likes in life. and it is only when he doesn't get what he wants that the cool, calm and collected stuff flies out the window. he has tender heart and has the ability to hug you until your heart melts. in the past year he has begun talking in sentences, grown a solid head of hair, and done anything to prove that he can hang with the big boys. his passion and curiosity leaves everyone smiling. happy birthday my elliott drew.


  1. He is too sweet. I love the pictures with the shades!
    I heard you have been sick....praying for you!

  2. Look at those pictures! He's not a baby anymore! Happy Birthday, Elliot!

    PS- Seeing these pictures makes me realize that we never did our museum get together. We'll have to plan something new soon!


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