Tuesday, January 6, 2009

why not?

steve came home the other night with big news...pottery barn outlet is having a huge sale. 50%-75% off all outlet prices throughout the entire store. it may not be that big of news, but it was music to our ears. we have slowly been saving money to actually decorate our house, hoping to finally complete everything we have dreamed up over the years. the only problem with this news was that the sale ended this wednesday. two days from the time of the big announcement. a quick decision had to be made. do we go or not go? being the over thinkers that we are, we came up with the reasons to go and not to go. steve, naturally asking, why not? and me naturally asking, why?

why not? birch run is two hours away and that is a very long trip to make in one day. why not? steve does works third shift and would only get two hours of sleep. why not? we have a four year old and a two year old that are not good shoppers. why not? we have patterned slate lying all over our living room floor, waiting to be put on the fireplace mantle. why not? it is not logical.

now for the whys?. why? well, pottery barn outlet is having a huge sale.

so, making our most logical decision ever, we packed up the kids and headed to birch run. after all, one of the reasons i married steve was for his spontaneity. and spontaneous this was. although it may not look good on paper, we decided to go for it anyway. it was a long day, but we found many great treasures for our house. now, we just have to follow through and put it all together...stay tuned.

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