Tuesday, January 6, 2009

more musings

as i sit down to write this post gibson and elliott are upstairs in their respective bedrooms. instead of sleeping as they should be, they are yelling things back and forth between the walls that separate their rooms. their impromptu song made up of ba, ba, ah, ah, da, da sounds interlaced with their hysterical laughter, when not singing their note, is echoing throughout the entire house. they are non-stop. sun up to sun down. and steve thinks that they are ready to be sharing a room. crazy.

now, for the initial reason for this blog: documenting some precious four year oldisms and two year oldisms that have been spoken as of late...

due to my illness over Christmas, we did not get a chance to make Christmas cookies. this is a catastrophe when santa is on his way to our house and expecting a treat, so aunt tammy saved the day and brought over some extra cookies. as we were getting the cookies ready on Christmas Eve gibson was trying to persuade us to let him eat one of the cookies. after we said no, he replied with a confident, "but, santa is going to eat cookies at all of the houses he is going to tonight, he doesn't need to eat this one."

this morning gibson came up to me and said, "okie, dokie, mokie, wokie, gokie" followed by, "did you know that is spanish for okie?"

after we were leaving bounce party and putting hand sanitizer on the boy's hands gibson protested by whining that he did not want to put handitizer on. i think he may have a marketing slogan with that one.

elliott has been saying more and more lately. my favorite is how he calls steve's dad, heethuis. just that, no grandpa, no bumpa, just heethuis like he is one of the guys.

after having a sneezing attack in the kitchen i asked elliott what he should say to mamma. unfortunately, my lesson in manners was cut short by a second sneezing attack. when i stopped sneezing the second time i asked elliott again, "what should you say to mamma?" he quickly replied, "bess you, two time."

just the other night elliott and i had the rare occasion of riding in the car together by ourselves. i had one of my favorite songs on repeat and in the chorus it sings hallelujah over and over. as the song slowly stopped playing i heard the sweetest hallelujah coming from elliott. it is now one of his favorite things to say.

each day they make me smile more and more. and this is just a glimpse of the many isims that they come up with.

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  1. How cute!!! Love the hand sanitizer saying!!! Haaaaahaaaa!


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