Monday, January 5, 2009

not me monday

inspired by mcmama's blog, i have decided to give not me monday a try for myself.

first let me just say that my Christmas tree is definitely taken down, and all of the trimings are stored away. i am not the type of person who would leave their scraggly, needle less tree up well into the new year. nope not me!

and after a glorious two week vacation from school, there would be no way that i was praying for a snow day on our first day back. not me! i have been itching to get back into my classroom since the moment i left on the first day of break. in fact i have been so excited to return that i did not wait until the last minute to wash my favorite shirt and have to wear it to school damp this morning. not a chance. i am a teacher for crying out loud. i always plan ahead.

and finally, i have not been looking forward to watching jason on the new bachelor since the end of the last season. not one bit. i have way to much on my plate to waste my time watching grown women fight over a man. and while we are on the subject of the bachelor, there is no way that i would skimp on our bedtime reading routine and only read for half of the time because the premiere was set to air in fifteen minutes. not me! my children come first all of the time. especially when it comes to some silly reality tv show.

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