Saturday, January 3, 2009

make hay while the sun shines

how many people does it take to hang an uppercase living design? before you guess keep in mind both steve and i are educated people with college degrees.

well, to put it simply we could have used an additional person when trying to figure out how to accomplish what we thought was a simple task.

in our recent attempt to get our many household projects completed, we decided that an hour before we were to leave for our new year's eve party, we could hang the uppercase living design. make hay while the sun shines, right? should be simple. six easy steps as advertised.

step 1: wash and dry wall. done. golden.
step 2: measure the center point on your wall. perfect.
step 3: lie design on flat surface so you can read the words. this was our first problem we didn't have words. we have a picture. steve and i confer and decide that it is obvious that we should lie it a certain way. check. next.
step 3: use credit card type tool and rub all over surface of design. piece of cake. next.
step 4: peel top layer of paper off. simple. whoa. not so simple. have to take out razor blade trying to keep all pieces of the design from peeling up. it's ok. remain patient and calm. thirty minutes later get frustrated. stop to think. what did we do wrong? refer back to step three. realize that you just spent forty minutes adhering the design to the wrong side of the paper. curse many times under your breath.
step 5:readhere the paper that you just spent a lifetime peeling off back onto the design that you once thought was lovely.
step 6: flip it over. begin rubbing the surface all over again.
step 7: pray that you didn't just ruin the artwork you spent lots of money on.
step 8: remove the correct side of the paper. realize that removing this side is significantly easier than the other side. curse again under your breath.
step 9: place the design on the premeasured marks. realized that the entire piece of art is crooked now that you had to reapply paper. say forget it and try it anyway.
step 10: rub design onto the wall.
step 11: peel paper away.

needless to say we manged to turn a simple six step procedure into a fiasco. making hay while the suns shines turned into making hay well into the night, but we crossed one more task off of our list. next.

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