Saturday, January 3, 2009

life with boys

jade was the latest victim of their mischief

as the boys settled into their nap, i took a deep breath and reveled in the fact that my favorite time of the day had arrived. millions of ideas swirled through my head as i contemplated how i was going to spend my valuable hour. i decided to begin my time by making a quick lunch and get my daily blog fix. i quickly put some bread in the toaster and cozied up to the computer. my fingers didn't even touch the keyboard when i smelled something. something burning. my first glance was at the toaster and sure enough there was smoke rising into the air ever so quietly. initially i cursed the person who turned the dial all the way up to six. six does not make toast. six makes cardboard. so needless to say i was surprised when the dial was only at three. what in the world, why was the toaster smoking? after popping the now charred toast up and investigating further i discovered that hidden in the depths of our small kitchen appliance were two doritos and a AA battery.

i have yet to uncover which of my sons did it and would not be surprised if they worked in unison on this mission. either way it does not shock me one bit. i am the mother of boys. two boys who have recently joined forces in their daily adventures. let the games begin.

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