Saturday, December 27, 2008

twelve days of Christmas interrupted

we have a holiday tradition at our house. one that i would like to do away with. unfortunately, this year the tradition came in full force with me catching a 5 day flu bug. the worst i have ever had. the tradition started four years ago on december 23rd, 2004, with me acquiring the flu from my little lovelies at school. and because of this little bug i got, i also got to have our little gibbers a couple weeks early. and it wouldn't be a family tradition if we didn't involve steve so he took care of the little bug the entire time i was in labor with gibson. ah, but traditions don't just happen one year and then stop. no, they continue year after year. that is why on december 23rd, 2005, i came down with the flu again. and yes, you guessed it, one day later steve followed suit. well to make a long, ugly story short, i came down with the flu again this year. the good news is that the rest of the family did not. thank you Lord! it was an answered prayer that they all stayed healthy. so, now that i am finally feeling better and eating things other than gatorade ice cubes i will post about the remaining six days of Christmas. better late than never.


  1. I am so sorry to hear you have been sick! We all had the flu Thanksgiving Week. It is awful when it just spirals through the whole house. I will pray you feel MUCH better and start to get all your energy back before we return to school!


  2. The flu is not fun. I had it last year for 9 days and missed 7 days of school in a row because of it! You got the flu shot didn't you? I'm sorry that you had to have it during Christmas break!

    I pray that you stay well and that your family does also!

    Happy New Year!


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