Monday, December 29, 2008

monkeys and monsters

just in the nick of time we squeezed in one of our favorite holiday traditions. two days before Christmas we visited gallery 154 to pick out our yearly ornament. each year we visit the same quaint little shop in easttown to pick out the ornament that best represents our past year. this year was especially fun because the boys were captivated by all of the ornaments hanging throughout the store. after much consideration, we let the boys each pick an ornament. both gibson and elliott picked the most darling little sock monkey ornaments. one orange. one green. as we were purchasing our holiday treasures, the kind gentleman behind the counter told the boys that they could each pick out a monster. he had noticed them playing with them each time they passed and told them that it was an early Christmas present. at that moment, the true meaning of Christmas filled the small shop. One man's kindness and generosity meant the world to gibson and elliott as they picked out their special treasure. Grace and peace to all.

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