Wednesday, December 17, 2008

something's not quite right

last year for Christmas, the boys got a little people nativity set from their cousins, syd, sam and erin. when we broke it out this year they were enamored with it. each day they rearrange the manger scene, throw a few shepherds and go on a hunt for baby Jesus, because who knows where their play took Him today.

just the other day i walked into the living room to find the manger pictured above and had to laugh. only in our house will you find a stable with baby Jesus in the center, a shepherd lying face down in the "dirt", a wise man checking out everything but Jesus, and bob the builder standing there like he is responsible for the whole thing. reverent it is not, but creative it is. boys.


  1. ROFLOL SO funny!! We have that same set and Kennedy hid baby Jesus last year... we didn't find him until New Year's Day! LOL

  2. That is too funny! At least baby Jesus is in the stable and not missing! It's good that Bob the builder is watching over everything!

    Merry Christmas! Enjoy your break!


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