Wednesday, December 17, 2008

day three

if you are anything like me, you dread going to the grocery store. there is something about pushing around two toddler boys, while trying to remember everything on your list...because of course i most often forget my list...and trying to do it all with nap time looming in the not so distant future, that gives me a panic attack. i spread out my trips the the store as far as they can go. so far that we are usually eating pb and j's or noodles with butter by the time i get up the nerve to go again.

with these trips to meijers few and far between, if i happen to forget something at the store we just do without. and if i continue to forget something after several trips to the store we do without for months. which is exactly why my gift for day three is three packages of ziplock bags. we have been baggieless for months now. i told steve it is because i have been trying to go green, but in all actuality it is because i simply forgot over and over and over again. so we are green no more. bring on the baggies.

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