Monday, June 23, 2008

we miss you daddy

here are the top 50 reasons why we cannot wait for you to get home

  1. we love you

  2. mama is tired of doing all of the laundry

  3. you give the best hugs

  4. you are the only one that really knows how to wrestle

  5. we need to eat a good meal

  6. you give the best back rubs

  7. you are the only one that can get elliott to sit through more than one story

  8. your in depth explanations of anything and everything

  9. your big words

  10. mama doesn't like driving everywhere

  11. mama cannot find anything

  12. elliott still keeps pooping even though your not around to change him

  13. you make everything fun

  14. jade keeps looking for you and has not rested well since you walked out of the door

  15. gibson keeps asking when you will be home

  16. you are the best bath time giver

  17. you are patient

  18. you say hi to everyone

  19. you protects us

  20. you pray for us

  21. you brush jade

  22. the lawn is getting long

  23. you are the best light bulb changer

  24. you are good at rationalizing things

  25. you are positive

  26. your confidence

  27. you write letters for us while you are away

  28. you send us mail

  29. you read to all of us

  30. you share your food with us:)

  31. you take forever to make a sandwich

  32. you get up in the middle of the night to help the boys when mom nudges you

  33. you encourage us to risky things

  34. you remember to give gibson his medicine

  35. your crazy hair

  36. you read the bible to us

  37. you're getting behind on your scrabble games

  38. you dance with us in the kitchen

  39. you remember to brush our teeth

  40. you take out the stinky trash

  41. mama needs someone to share a beer with

  42. you teach the boys how to be a gentleman

  43. you teach the boys to be attentive

  44. you help us all sleep better

  45. your good choice in music...even though it is too loud

  46. you're better to talk to in person, instead of on the phone

  47. bumpa and yia yia are getting tired (thanks for all of the help:)

  48. grandpa dale is keeping and extra close eye on us

  49. you are the great encourager


1 comment:

  1. There is simply no way that i can convey the amount of appreciation and love that i have for you and the boys. you are fantastic and simply everything that holds us together. thank you. that was way to generous and kind. I luv you.


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